Vicarious shopping joy

 I can only imagine the joy that Jacob must experience when he is able to do “his own” shopping. At Trader Joes he gets a cart just his size and carefully selects what he would like. He asks my permission for the most part, and he usually makes some pretty good choices, so i don’t mind. “Oh! We need some yogurt! Yummy!” He says as he darts carefully across the aisle. He asks for a sample of cheese and crackers “can I please have just a cracker please?” And then supplies his feedback: “those crackers are very good! Yum!” He takes a lot of pride in selecting his items, unloading them for the cashier, and then putting his cart away in the line of tiny shopping carts. While the cashier is ringing up our items he narrates them: “that cheese is my mommy’s. I don’t like it. This ice cream is for my daddy. It has peanut butter in it and he really loves that. I’m going to eat all these strawberries! This bread is good for dipping in the brown sauce.” 

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