Our Arizona Adventure!

We took a long-awaited trip to Northern Arizona and I was able to cross one thing off of my “bucket list”: I saw the Grand Canyon! Here are some pictures, in no particular order. 🙂


The Grand Canyon is amazingly beautiful.IMG_2977 edit

My family. 🙂IMG_2984 edit IMG_2986 edit

Jacob did NOT want pictures taken of him on this trip.IMG_3001 edit IMG_3003 edit IMG_3004 edit

The red rocks of Sedona: IMG_3057 edit IMG_3060 edit

On top of the AZ Snowbowl. We were at 11,000 feet elevation. Supposedly you can see the Grand Canyon from here, but we couldn’t make anything out.IMG_2777 edit

The Grand Falls of the Little Colorado River. Also called the “Chocolate Niagara Falls.” It was ridiculously hard to find and in the middle of NOWHERE. Technically, in the middle of the Navajo Nation with no signage. IMG_2831 edit

Grand Canyon again:IMG_2924 edit IMG_2927 edit IMG_2931 edit IMG_2936 edit IMG_2948 edit

We entered the park from the East Entrance, so the first viewpoint was the Watchtower. I was very glad happy that I had read some advice to enter from this side as it is MUCH less crowded and more enjoyable. The Watchtower, like Phantom Ranch and many other Grand Canyon National Park buildings was designed in the 1920s by Mary Elizabeth Coulter. She did extensive research of native building styles from the 900-year-old pueblo ruins, and used the same style so that the buildings would look as though they belonged there. Proud moment for women’s history–Coulter’s style of architecture would later be known as “National Park Style.” She is awesome! (See below for pictures of those very pueblos.)IMG_2963 edit

Below is the view from Sitgreaves Pass above Oatman on Historic Route 66.IMG_2670

A motel and gas station built around 1920.IMG_2676 IMG_2678 IMG_2680 IMG_2681 IMG_2692 IMG_2693 IMG_2696 IMG_2699 IMG_2701 IMG_2709 IMG_2712 IMG_2713 IMG_2716 IMG_2719

As you can see, I really enjoy the history of Route 66 and its motels and restaurants. IMG_2721 IMG_2722 IMG_2726 IMG_2727 IMG_2728 IMG_2731 IMG_2739 IMG_2740 IMG_2741 IMG_2746 IMG_2754

The AZ Snowball Chair Lift:IMG_2760 IMG_2761 IMG_2763_2 IMG_2762 IMG_2766 IMG_2776 IMG_2782 IMG_2785 IMG_2787 IMG_2794 IMG_2797 IMG_2798

Below is a Lava River Cave, or lava tube. It is formed when running lava cools and hardens on the outside, but the inside of the tube of lava is still hot and runs out of the formation, leaving a hollow space. We decided not to venture any further into this one because Josh (very intelligently) decided it was probably not a good idea. It stays 32 to 45 degrees in the cave all year. Just when we stepped onto these rocks, the temperature dropped 20 degrees. I had bought flashlights just for this cave, and they were awful (apparently cheap flashlights are not good). Also, it was dusk, and no one was around…I think Josh really made the right call. So we didn’t enter the pitch-black freezing cave full of bats. 🙂IMG_2807 IMG_2810

A watertower in Leupp, AZ. IMG_2816 IMG_2818

The chocolate waters of Grand Falls:IMG_2820 IMG_2822 IMG_2824 IMG_2825 IMG_2835 IMG_2843 IMG_2844 IMG_2845

The colorful horizon is the Painted Desert.IMG_2854

The Citadel:IMG_2858

These are the 900-year-old pueblos I referred to earlier. Simply amazing and beautiful. They have held up well due to their great design. The local volcanic stone looks so beautiful against the grassy plains of Arizona.IMG_2861 IMG_2865Why build on a hill? For defensive purposes? Or simply because it was a beautiful place to live?
IMG_2869 IMG_2880 IMG_2881

Below: a sinkhole behind the Citadel. This happens often to limestone, apparently.IMG_2885 IMG_2889 IMG_2890 IMG_2892 IMG_2894

This road sign shows you how funny the interstate/old Route 66/current highway system is.IMG_2907 The very East side of the Grand Canyon. IMG_2913 IMG_2916 IMG_2920 IMG_2922 IMG_2937

From inside the rotunda underneath the Watchtower:IMG_2938
IMG_2943 IMG_2944 IMG_2966 IMG_2971 IMG_2972 IMG_2979 IMG_2990 IMG_2991 IMG_2998 IMG_3010 IMG_3022 IMG_3027

Hiking in the Red Rocks of Sedona:
IMG_3046 IMG_3050 IMG_3054 IMG_3056 IMG_3072 IMG_3075 IMG_3076 IMG_3078 IMG_3079

Apparently this cafe used to cook and serve anything you brought in…thus the name.IMG_3085

We were amused and stumped by these sets of roadside joke advertisements. IMG_3088

We took a segue to Grand Canyon Caverns. Very much a cheesy, roadside Americana place, but still pretty cool!IMG_3091 IMG_3094 IMG_3095 IMG_3100 IMG_3103 IMG_3109 IMG_3119

A map showing where visitors had traveled from (their homes).IMG_3123 IMG_3129 IMG_3132

I’ve never seen more trains in my life than on this trip!IMG_3135

Not sure…IMG_3142 IMG_3145The end!!

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4 Responses to Our Arizona Adventure!

  1. Nathan says:

    Thanks for sharing and I now know who created the National Park Style. Arizona has a unique sense of place.

  2. Oh wow! Thanks for sharing so many pictures! I want to visit AZ one day:) your family is adorable btw!

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