Twas the Day After Christmas: The post-Christmas cleanup 

   ‘Twas the day after Christmas, and new toys were here
“But where shall we put them?” I started to fear. 

The shelves they were crowded, the baskets were full

“And how to keep tidy?” daddy started to mull. 

I emptied the baskets, the shelves did I clear

And neatly I sorted the things Jacob holds dear. 

The crayons tucked away, the stamps in their places

The puzzles and games all stored in their cases. 

When what to my wondering eyes does appear

But Jacob himself, with a frown from ear to ear. 

“I am kinda mad at you” he whispers to me 

“I liked my room the way it was” even if I don’t agree. 

Some things were moved back, and order restored

For Jacob’s wishes are not to be ignored. 

On Paw Patrol, on Rescue Bots, on dress up and disguises

On lightsabers, on art supplies, on daddy’s race prizes. 

 With all of the toys in accessible places

I was happy to be back in Jacob’s good graces. 

And now, my story being over, it’s time to turn out the light. 

Happy organizing to all, and to all a good night!

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