A life in Christmas ornaments

Taking down the decorations this weekend was an interesting task. I was amazed to see how much the ornaments we have collected tell the story of our lives together (Josh and I.) 

It’s funny because I used to sort of dislike Christmas decorating. It always seemed like a lot of work. I know I have given my mom a lot of grief about having to decorate and then take down decorations. I do remember the fun of unwrapping the carefully packed ornaments at my parents’ house, and asking for the stories about each one. My favorite was an ornament with clay “people”–it was just the faces of my brother and I. He was a bald baby, and I loved to see the little bald clay head on this ornament. I’m starting to see how special collecting ornaments really is. I should probably apologize to my mom…

Koal’s first collar:

He scratched at it relentlessly. I can still picture him, this tiny puppy, all leaned over and scratching at his collar.   
When Josh bought the condo:

Sorry for the blurry photo.   

We got engaged:

 The Harley days:  
We got married:

    I went to NYC:

  Along came Jacob:  

Our family has changed. 

And then Jackson:

 I’ll leave off with my treasured photo ornaments. We have amassed quite a few!


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