The 18-month checkup 

Sweetie heart is one healthy guy! He weighs in at 27 pounds, 6 ounces. His motor skills are all on par for his age, his speech is a little bit behind the curve, however. His doctor wasn’t too worried, as he is still very little, and communicates very well without words, but we are going to have his heating checked and then see her again in three months and decide if he needs to see a speech pathologist. 

He was sweet and calm as could be through the poking and prodding until the doctor wanted to remove his diaper. No you take off my diaper! She chuckled at his stubbornness about being undressed and we carried on. What a doll! He seems to be leaving his extreme Velcro baby days behind him on this side of 18 months. He’s been hilarious and sweet lately. Aside from destroying things, he’s been a dream! Love you, my little sweetie. 

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