A day in the life: Friday edition

For many stay at home moms, weekends are not much different from weekdays. Some moms have additional help from husbands who are off of work, but their work doesn’t really end or lessen. I still get that “Friday feeling” when Josh can be home before the sun goes down. Even though he will probably work tomorrow, I still feel like Friday is special. 

Today started around 5:30. I sent Jacob back to bed. A little after 6:00 he reemerged to shine his “okay to wake” clock in my eyes. 🙂

Brother was sleepy, so we snuck away to make breakfast and work on his Valentines!

Baby eventually woke up and played with us for a while. When he got cranky, Jacob needed to entertain himself while I got jackson back to sleep. Jacob was great about playing in his room with his Paw Patrol toys until I could resume work on the Valentines. 

Bath time! This is the second bath together for these two, at Jacob’s request. Jackson just loves to see everything that Jacob does, and I can get ready while they are in there. 

Dressed and off to the park. Jacob rode his bike there. 

He rides really well, but does occasionally stop to pick flowers. While he rode, we talked about how Jesus keeps his people safe. 🙂   
I spread a blanket in the shade of a tree for baby to explore while Jacob played with the other children at the park. 

I didn’t just take pictures of Jackson; I also worked on my BsF homework. What a beautiful day to read outdoors!

Then we headed back home.

And we read three Bible chapters before nap time:


Nap time! Both boys slept (Jackson only briefly) at the same time!! I started picking up, putting away dishes, and sweeping the floor. I also do whatever I can with one hand while Jackson is awake to keep him quiet so he doesn’t wake his brother. 
Then both were awake and I worked with Jacob on his jobs. He was really doing a great job and earned quite a few stars. 
  Soon after daddy was home. We changed shoes, Grammie and OT came over, and we went for a hike at Peter’s Canyon. 


Once home, I cut Josh’s hair and then Jacob’s (although he complained and wiggled so I really only cut the sides). Then we headed out for sushi with Mimi and Bop. Jacob had gotten to pick dinner since he had warned ten stars, and he wanted sushi. He says he loves sushi because they know his favorite recipe (white rice with soy sauce poured on it.) hehe. After eating, he ran around the grassy area outside and even got to “drive” Bop’s car. 

 What a day. 

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