You’ve come a long way, baby

This post is not about a baby (!!). It’s about me. While I could wax poetic for paragraphs about how I have changed as a person, I’m not going to share that here. That’s for me to know (and Jesus. And people who ask in person). I wanted to commemorate something I just realized: this May marks ten years since I graduated from college. I can’t believe it. For all this time, I have felt as though it was “not too long ago.” 

I think a decade is long enough…

I am no longer a recent college grad, nor am I “in touch” with college life these days. Because in my day there were these crazy things called


and I used them to save my homework and essays. The key to my dorm room was made out of metal. Like…a normal key (none of this key card business). I owned a laptop and a Zip drive. Owning a laptop was a really big deal 14 years ago! It was a rather new development that basically all college kids had one. That was news to my dad, for sure. There were no e-books or kindles. Facebook was invented while I was in college, exclusively for college kids. I remember when you had to be invited and have a “.edu” email address to join. And it was called The Facebook. 

Times have changed. 

I can still remember how fantastic I felt that day. Bursting with pride, because I had worked really hard. I felt the whole world spread open like a map, beckoning me to choose who ever path I desired. It was bright and aunny and everything felt just perfect. Here’s to me, and the dreams I had:

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