The story in a box

Mrs. Claborne has been working on a special project with the kids where each one writes one page of a story. They have to know where the characters left off and progress the action of the story, but each child puts a special spin on it. They each dictate their text and draw an illustration. Then, all of the illustrations were taped together and rolled around two dowels. When the first dowel was turned, the pages rolled across the front of a box to tell the story. 

It was a really cool project, and so fun to see how each different brain worked. You could tell when pages were written by girls, like, “then Princess Elsa showed up in her favorite dress with lipstick and nail polish on!” And “a group of robot dogs came and attacked the knight.” My favorite page was when a train came and then the bad guy “got dead.” These kids…

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After the story, we were served strawberries and vegetables from the farm tour, cruditê style, and a vegetable soup one of the teachers made, also from veggies from the farm. 

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