Canyon Fire 2

We had a few scary days thanks to the canyon fire 2. It’s burned over 8,000 acres, which includes homes and my favorite hiking areas. 😦

It started off a very calm day, and then the wind came blowing in with a vengeance.

I took these photos in my way to hike at Peters Canyon. My aunt and I decided not to hike in the crazy wind. We went to Costco.

The view as we left Costco was shocking. Something was burning…but what?

There was a lot of traffic reaching Jacob’s school up the 55 because the 91 was closed. The fire started at the 91 and 241 and then moved east.

I was starting to get nervous about our house. Jacob’s parent-teacher conference was canceled, and then the school was evacuated.

Cars and trucks were exiting the 91 in the wrong direction up the on-ramp.

traffic was bad.

it looked pretty scary at our house.

(the picture above is the sun shining through Jackson’s window)

So here are some of my favorite pictures at Santiago Oaks (my happy place), Irvine Park, and Peters Canyon:

And some pictures of how it looks now from the parks’ Facebook feeds:

And my drive to BSF today:

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