Helping daddy

These are some lucky kids(; they have a very fun daddy who loves to do things with them. He had a pretty long list of things to do around the house, and he patiently involved them in each task. 

Super secret Jacob testing the strength of this new shelf:

Josh finds a new place for jacob to sleep:

Then it was time for him to mud the closets, and he set the boys up to mud this cardboard box:

Later they took down the old security system boxes, and josh set them up with tools to take them apart. What kid wouldn’t love that?​

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The story in a box

Mrs. Claborne has been working on a special project with the kids where each one writes one page of a story. They have to know where the characters left off and progress the action of the story, but each child puts a special spin on it. They each dictate their text and draw an illustration. Then, all of the illustrations were taped together and rolled around two dowels. When the first dowel was turned, the pages rolled across the front of a box to tell the story. 

It was a really cool project, and so fun to see how each different brain worked. You could tell when pages were written by girls, like, “then Princess Elsa showed up in her favorite dress with lipstick and nail polish on!” And “a group of robot dogs came and attacked the knight.” My favorite page was when a train came and then the bad guy “got dead.” These kids…


After the story, we were served strawberries and vegetables from the farm tour, cruditê style, and a vegetable soup one of the teachers made, also from veggies from the farm. 

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Jacob’s field trip

Jacob and I went on a field trip to Tanaka Farms! We rode in the back of a tractor and sampled all kinds of things growing on the farm. Then we picked strawberries in the field, and ate as many as we could. It was a lot of fun!

Doesn’t it look like this strawberry is growing in the green onion plant? They plant onions between the strawberries to deter pests. 

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Jackson says

Jackson has become quite the talker. I started trying to write down the words he knows, but honestly he knows so many, and learns more each day, that I won’t be able to list them all. He is an enthusiastic talker, and you can see the excitement on his face when he is able to communicate. 

For today, here’s what Jackson says:

Annkk oooo (Thank you)

Wew wum (welcome)

Luuu yoooo or yuvvvooo (love you)


Jay CUP (Jacob–his favorite word!)

Apoo (apple–or any other fruit)

Uh oh 

Bop bop




Mean! (Used when jacob takes something from him)

Men! (Amen)

Wawa (water)

Juuu (juice)

‘Poon (spoon)







Eww! (He says this a lot)


Boo (bootie)





Yoap (soap/lotion)


Ice (rice)

Eat eat eat eat!

Msss (messy)


Nana (banana)




Pho’ (phone)

Eh-boh (elbow)

Uck (truck)


Cuh (cut)

Bah (box)

Boon (balloon)

Mo’ (more)

Fffff (flower)

Bah (bar = clif z bar)

Meeeek (milk)

He also will tell me a secret sometimes, because he’s had his brother or I whisper in his ear, and he whispers baby gibberish into my ear so sweetly. 

He really likes to tell people they are stinky by waving his hand in the air (like you might wave the smell away from your nose) and saying “eewww!” It was his first title joke: he would point at me and do the stinky hand wave and laugh and laugh. 

Josh likes to ask him for a big hug, during which he (Josh) will make a sound to indicate his great exertion. When you ask Jackson for a big hug he does the same, hugging you and letting out an “argh!”

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The latest from preschool 

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Mother’s Day Hike

Josh knows just what I want to do on Mother’s Day, so we spent the morning hiking to the dripping cave where the Flores Daniel Gang used to hang out. There are still holes in the ceiling of the cave from pegs the robbers had installed to hold their supplies and loot. It’s about 5 mikes round trip, most of which jacob did on foot. It was a beautiful day. 

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Watch him go!

Jacob is riding without training wheels!

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Swimming lesson 

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Baby boy gets his first haircut 😭

I’ve been holding out on this, folks. 

The first haircut is a big milestone, and Jackson has these darling baby curls, and once you cut them they are gone. 


The boys are in a wedding this weekend, and I couldn’t have them looking sloppy, so it was time. Also, josh had been threatening me that he would take Jackson to the barber himself. I decided we should do it right. 

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Bop coaches the next generation 

Experienced baseball coach Bop takes some time to show jacob and Kyle (our next-doorneighbor) how to swing a bat. 🙂

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