Chicago, part 2

we walked to the brown line and took it downtown again. Bree walked us through the old Chicago public library (now the Cultural Arts building?) thinking I would like it, and boy did I. The mosaics, literary quotes, and architecture were one thing…but the classical pianist playing away under the Tiffany glass dome was almost too much for my little heart to handle!

The Tiffany glass dome:And we are off to Millennium Park and Sky Gate (aka the Bean).

The last two photos are from Buddy Guy’s Legends blues bar and the architecture tour. It was so nice to see my cousin in her adopted home of Chicago. What an amazing place to live! I can understand why she left us now. 🙂

After millennium park, we left Bree and Russ and drove up through Indiana and into Michigan.

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Jacob says

“Well daddy, I got the worm today” jacob says over the phone.

“What buddy?” Josh asks.

“I’m the first one up today, so I definitely got the worm.”

The early bird…

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Chicago, Part I

The summer of travel continues with a trip to Chicago to see Bree and Russ!

Flying with Jackson is…an adventure.


placeholder://Bree and Russ were excellent tour guides, with Russ showing Josh the city by bike, and Bree showing us by train and by foot.

And we started with pizza. It was unlike any pizza I’ve ever had!

On Tuesday morning, my friend Emily (we worked together years ago, and she has since moved back to the Midwest) drive down with her four-month-old baby, Peyton Joy. What a blessing it was to see Emily and meet PJ!

We went for a walk around the beautiful neighborhood our Vrbo was in, Lakeview. Apparently we were very close to Wrigley Field, and even saw people walking to the game, but managed not to see the field.

We rode the brown line to downtown, and boy was Jackson excited to finally be on a train after seeing them since the airport!

We took an architecture tour by boat, which was great. The weather was so amazing that I told Bree I would never be able to imagine Chicago any other way.

We took the brown line back to our neighborhood and then walked the rest of the way. It was beautiful.

We ended the evening with a delicious dinner at Bree and Russ’ apartment, and afterward, we left Mimi with the kids and ventured downtown to Buddy Guy’s Legends to hear some blues. I was hesitant to leave the kids, but I ended up being very glad I did. The band was great, especially the harmonica player.

Stay tuned for the rest!

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Brittany and Elliott’s Wedding/Trip to Washington

//“>Link to my Flickr album

(If you want to see alllll the pictures…)

We had such a great time at the wedding of Brittany and Elliott in the beautiful Northwest. We explored Seattle, took the ferry to Bainbridge Island, and stayed in a beautiful VRBO in Poulsbo. Also…I married them! They asked me a long time ago, and it was SUCH an honor. More pictures to come!

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Jackson’s Bug Party: Camera Photos

I finally got the pictures out of my camera and onto the computer! There aren’t many, but some are pretty cute!

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Las Vegas part II: Massaros, monorail, and the strip

Our day started really wonderfully with a visit from the Massaros who were on their way to Utah! Then, josh went to the convention and the kids and I boarded the monorail to the strip. Our hotel (Embassy Suites) was a ten-minute walk from the convention center and monorail station. Kids 5 and under are free! I bought both josh and I a 24-hour pass for $10 each. (One ride is usually $5). The trains run about every 7 minutes and have a great view of the backside of many hotels. The kids loved it! We rode to MGM, the furthest south stop, to get to the M&M world store. This store is, in my opinion, really lame, but the kids were excited. 😉 from there we trekked across the strip and into New York New York. I thought jacob would be really impressed with the outdoor street feel, but he wasn't really.

From NYNY we intended on walking back across to MGM and to meet josh in the monorail station. The bridge was under construction, so we walked from Ny to Excalibur, to something else, to MGM and then all the way through that massive hotel to the train. Jackson fell asleep on the way. Josh's foot was hurting, so we ended up heading back to the hotel together and having nap time and then pool time.

We set out again to have dinner at Caesar's Palace at the Gordon Ramsey pub. Josh and I used to watch a lot of Gordon's tv shows like Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares, and we were excited to try beef Wellington for the first time. The place had a long wait, we explored the mall at Caesar's, and when we eventually sat down we found out that beef Wellington was no longer on tr menu. We ended up having food court tacos. 🙂

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Las Vegas Part I: downtown/Fremont street

We were lucky enough to tag along with josh to Las Vegas where he was attending a trade show. We all had a ton of fun!

downtown Las Vegas


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Oh Jacob

On an early morning walk at the river with daddy, jacob says "oh look; a Jesus storage unit."

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Ack! So busy!

I thought summer would be long, lazy days, and it hasn't been. We have been soooo busy.

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A morning with Jacob 

Grammie took Jackson on a special adventure, and I had some alone time with Jacob. We watered and I caught a baby lizard. Then we planted some seeds. 
It was nice to have time to listen to what my buddy wants to do and talk about. Sometimes I feel like we are always rushing from one thing to the next, so giving him individual attention is such a luxury. 

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