Life: its beginnings and endings

Previously, I posted this, about my experience at the passing of my grandfather, and my hope that witnessing the start of a new life would, in a way, heal and complete my experience with life and death. Today, I’m not certain where I stand. Certainly, the moment that my son was born was one of the most beautiful in my life, but I don’t feel the same about it as I did about witnessing the end of a life. I suppose that, for me, Jacob had been in my life for a while. When he was born into the world he was, for me, just transitioning from one place to another. He was a living person before he was born, and had been since that first moment that a little heart started to beat. When he was born it was amazing to finally see what this little person looked like who I’d felt and thought about for so many months.

So now I ask you: what do you think? Have you witnessed the end of a life? The beginning? Do you feel that birth is the beginning?

Please write in the comments section so we can discuss.

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