New series: the mom uniform

As you may recall, I used to post outfit ideas in my “What to wear to work” feature. Now I am turning my lens on the mom uniform. You won’t catch me in a jogging suit (unless I am jogging!) I do my best to dress nicely every day. It’s not as easy; my outfits need to be amenable to my lifestyle. Sometimes I learn the hard way. 🙂 some pieces are too fragile, too easy to stain or wrinkle, too sharp, too short (I will wear leggings with everything because I need to be active), or too uncomfortable. Also, you have to consider if you’ll be nursing in the outfit, and if so, how you’ll access your assets. It’s not easy!

Let’s start with a pretty dressy outfit. This was an above-average day.

Please ignore everything that is going on in my closet!


Sweater: Target
Top and skirt: Down East basics
Ballet flats: Gap

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1 Response to New series: the mom uniform

  1. Kim Ward says:

    You look super Cute!! As always!! : )

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