It’s a good thing he’s cute

Wondering what I do all day? (I know you are)

Let me give you a little taste of one morning. Before 8 a.m.

Jacob woke up at 4:00. I was already awake, hoping to get some computer work done. I try to get around an hour of “work” before he wakes up, but lately he has been up very early. It’s not fun. Anyway, I tried to get him back to sleep until about 5 when I gave up and we started the day. I couldn’t get him to drink his smoothie. Or eat toast. Or banana. Or have some milk. We played, and I drank my smoothie and ate my toast, and then I took a shower and gave him a bath. I put him on our bed to put lotion and a diaper on him. He has this thing he does sometimes where he lies very still and then suddenly flips over and crawls away faster than you can grab him. It’s frustrating, but cute. He giggles and looks back and wants to be chased. So he did this, except for the first time, in the few seconds he was out of my hands before I grabbed him back, he peed. On our bed. Obviously I was dismayed by this, so I flipped back the comforter and started to strip off the duvet cover. If you have a duvet and down comforter,you know that taking the down out of the duvet is sort of like wrestling a bear. I was watching Jacob out of the corner of my eye and I could see him sitting in the doorway of the bathroom, playing. I was relieved that he wasn’t further into the bathroom, pulling down the toilet paper, so I figured he was fine.

Once the duvet cover was off, I went into the bathroom to gather of Jacob and finish getting him dressed. What I didn’t remember was that the diaper I had taken off of him to put him in the tub was on the floor. There was a very small poop in this diaper, and Jacob was squishing it with his hand onto the bathroom floor. I was ready to give up, and it was only 7:30 a.m.

I washed his hands, disinfected the floor, and continued getting him ready. I got dressed myself in a long skirt. Jacob decided that it was hilarious to stand or sit or hang on my skirt a I tried to move around getting ready. In the meantime, he also thought it was funny to take his shoes off and throw them every chance he got. Now it’s 8:15. We need to leave for Bible study in 10-15 minutes. I pack his things, start the washer, and then try again to get him to eat something. He won’t. I load him in his car seat. It is then I notice that he is wearing one shoe. Out of the seat, back inside, grab shoe, load him in seat again. I put a bib over his cute outfit and hand him his smoothie. He takes it sweetly and starts to drink it. I start the car and pull out of the driveway. It’s now 8:35. I glance at him in my rear view mirror and see that he is shaking the smoothie and turning it upside down. I decide to go back in the house for a cold-insulating lunch bag and a agile of ice to keep the smoothie safe to eat while it sits…un-eaten.

By the time we get there, late, he has taken the straw and flung it so that I can’t find it. He won’t be able to eat the smoothie after all.


Oh and now it’s only 9:10. 🙂

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