Valentine’s Day gift idea

Valentine’s Day.

We all know it’s an invented holiday that exists just to encourage people to spend money. It’s also a day devoted to red and pink, hearts, love letters, cheesy romantic movies, candlelight dinners, love birds, Valentines, little mailboxes covered in hearts…I LOVE IT.

Josh and I don’t usually do much for V-Day, especially since his birthday is just a couple of days before. I think the best gifts are small, unexpected and thoughtful items, and that’s why I am giving you this fun idea.

I heard of eos lip balms a long time age, I think in a magazine proclaiming that the were awesome. It wasn’t until I had an Ulta gift card and needed to spend another $2 that I decided to get one. I picked the summer fruit flavor.



The first thing you’ll notice is the usual shape. This is not something you’ll keep (or lose) in your pocket, but I think it would be easy to find in your purse! It is easy to open, and unlike lip balm pits, you don’t need to touch it with your grubby finger. That’s very interesting, blah blah blah. But OMG it smells AMAZING. It is absolutely delicious! Like gummy peach rings. I am hooked.

There are other flavors and I want to try them all.

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