Disney day

Jacob and I visited Disneyland twice last week as it was the end of our eligible days before the summer blackout dates. It was a perfect day. We went on Alice in Wonderland for his first time. That ride was one if my favorites. Then we rode the Storybook boats and Winnie the Pooh. We sat down to eat our sandwiches with a view of the river and watched boats pass (and the train behind us). Jacob waved to all the people in the boats and canoes. I wrapped him back up and he fell right asleep so I got in line for the submarine ride. It was a 30-minute line, and with the walking around beforehand I figured Jacob would sleep through the whole line. He did, and he slept through almost the whole ride!! Even when I climbed down into the submarine; even when it moved and made very loud noises. đŸ™‚
After the ride we walked to Toontown to see my best friend from elementary school, Robin! She works for Disney as a production assistant. She walked from her building through. Special door into the Toontown library!
What a perfect day.












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2 Responses to Disney day

  1. Robin says:

    It was great seeing you! Jacob is adorable!

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