Yoga at home

When people exercise at home, I don’t think it goes down the way it does in my home.
I haven’t been able to attend many yoga classes since Jacob joined our family, and I miss it so much. I decided to create myself a daily flow and practice on my own. Then I had the inspired idea to look on YouTube for classes. I found some great ones and started to make that my “me” time. I put in my pandora station for a soundtrack and get bendy with it.
(Okay, really lame joke/pop culture reference. I apologize.)
Today I couldn’t do this during Jacob’s nap time because I needed him to sleep in the car, so I tried to entertain him with toys, cartoons, and crayons to keep him out of my hair.
I don’t think my cat/cows were supposed to have an additional and wiggly 30-pound weight added to my back. I don’t think that when the instructor prompts viewers to do a plank that she pictured a small boy crawling under my plank, rolling onto his back and giggling. Or that he would hit me with one end of a foam roller repeatedly while I tried to center my thoughts. Or jump on my back while I attempted child’s pose.
I don’t know, but I think all of these distractions made my practice much more effective and awesome.
I’m pretty sure.

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