Josh’s cycling year in review

I think Josh is a crazy person. Let me know if you agree.
In 2013, he has ridden 7,685 miles and climbed 801,000 feet of elevation.

To put this in perspective, 801,000 feet is 151.75 miles!!

Or, he climbed Mt. Everest 42 times!!


*Stats provided by Strava

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3 Responses to Josh’s cycling year in review

  1. Michele says:

    Of course Josh is crazy that is why we let him in the family it’s a good match haha

  2. Nathan says:

    I agree. I PR’d my yearly training and I ended with 5,825 miles & 501,900 feet climbing. So… I only made it base camp #2 while he made it to the peak of Everest!

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