Funny things Jacob says, Part IV

“Mama, I gonna put you in a treehouse.” (Whispered one inch from my face)
“What you do a-day?” (What are you doing today)
“Knock knock who’s there oh hi hello what you do a-day?”
“Big big tractor picking rocks!”
“Ashey’s baby out da belly eating dinner?” (He’s been obsessed with where Ashley’s baby is and what he is doing. Thankfully we are well enough to see him today!)
“You a popper, mommy!” (Popper = Popsicle) “I put you in the freezer! You a green popper! I taste you!!”
“You a stinky sock bug, mommy!”
“Mimé pretty. Mimé nice.” (He really likes his great-grandma)
“Cowboy yee-haw!”
“Su-plane Jammies please!” (I don’t know why, but su-plane is how he says airplane. He wants to wear his Planes pajamas from cousin sandy all the time.)
“Buh-bye! I goin to work! Make money! Have a good day!”
“Hello dear!”
“Mama you a pincess.” (Awww!)
“Mimé have two clocks in her tich-en! Ding-dong! Cuckoo clocks!”
He is still calling me a “hot-e-Tay-to” (hot potato) but now I’m a dirty hot potato and “needa wash in da sink.” If I tell him that he is a hot potato, he gets upset and says “I not doity! I clean! I take-a baff!”
“Hot! Don’t touch it!” (When he is cooking at his kitchen. Or when I’m cooking and josh walks in. This kid knows his stuff.)
“Wait for it a cool down”
“I not a bebè! I a jipit conny osstins!” (Okay I have to post a video of this. He’s saying his full name–Jacob Connor Oskins–and it is heart-meltingly adorable.)

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