Baby O2’s “Up, Up and Away” quilt

To begin with, much credit to my inspiration quilt, found on which was apparently from a book called “Everyday Handmade.” I won’t link it here in case the publisher dislikes it being shared online. Now, I have never made a quilt. With a lot of questions to lovely friend Gail over Facebook messenger, I set out to attempt my first ever quilt.

She had a helpful suggestion that I cut the pennants in the size I wanted from freezer paper, and iron it onto the fabric. That way, I could cut my seam allowance and neatly iron the edges to the perfect shape made by a paper cutter, and then peel the paper off. The picture above shows many of them cut and ironed.
Next, I laid them on Wonder Under, a double-sided fusible webbing, as close as they could get to one another, and ironed the webbing on. This was another great suggestion of Gail’s. I peeled off the backing and then cut them apart. I laid them on the top fabric where I wanted them, and pinned them down, then ironed them in place one at a time.


My Wonder Under hint is to lay a damp dish towel over the item and webbing and iron through it. The paper side gets a bit crinkly, but it works great.
And then I sewed each part on, so easily since they were already clinging on from the fusible webbing.


After this i added the Rick-rack to the front and prepared the back.



Before quilting on my masterpiece, I quickly made a practice “quilt sandwich” that I could use for an accent pillow cover. I decided I thought that stitching inside the cloud might be too busy, or at the least should be approached a different way, so I’ll leave that decision for last. Here is my pillow:


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