Baby O2’s Nursery

While the physical room has had exactly zero progress made to it (wait, I did clear off some piles of goodness knows what!) the design and other planning-type preparations are moving right along. I don’t have a catchy name for this design, but it started with this beautiful hot air balloon mobile, so perhaps “Up, Up, and Away?” Or “Oh, the Places You’ll Go”?

I saw this darling mobile online probably two years ago and fell in love. The designer is a crafter from Australia who puts together craft kits…which means I am now the owner of the printed fabric panel that I will someday turn into these cute hot air balloons.
From there, knowing a little man was coming, I just got “carried away” (another name for this theme?) with the idea of clouds. In searching for cloud ideas, I found an inspiration quilt. I loved it immediately. It was not being sold anymore, and I wanted to put a more masculine spin on it, and now I am on the quilting phase of my FIRST QUILT. This is momentous! I absolutely adore it.
So cloud sheets:

With two other options to keep the general theme of bright colors:


A grey and white chevron crib skirt:

And a whole lot of ideas:






And the centerpiece…the quilt…
Here is a little tease and I’ll perhaps unveil it on Monday when it is finished? Close to finished? Hehe.


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