Jacob’s room gets another update 

It has been a while since the last update to Jacob’s room, and the storage situation just wasn’t working out for us. Today, while josh had a bike race, Jacob and I transformed his room yet again. 

The trip to IKEA was fun for us both–Jacob really loves that store! He did so well at staying by my side that he got a $1 frozen yogurt at the end.

 Of course, nothing is ever easy. Right after I took this picture, he knocked over the glass pitcher that I had bought for iced tea (great because it’s square–how handy is that in the fridge??) and it broke all over the ground. 

But we continued on, undeterred. The shelf was quite heavy, and without a second “gadult” to wait by the curb with the cart, we had to load it ourselves. Once at home, I took each piece inside separately so it wasn’t as heavy. I assembled it in Jacob’s room, with his help of course. Then it was nap time…I put him down in my bed so I could clean and organize. When he woke up, i took him in there to see it. He was so very happy! He actually said “I am so happy you did this!” And hugged my legs. 🙂

Without further ado:

I bought metal magazine holders from IKEA and screwed them to the sides of this (also IKEA) table to hold coloring books, paper, and stickers. 

I had the woven crates already, and while they could be bigger, the price was right! I think it will be easier to keep things clean, but also for Jacob to play with what he has in his room. This will be especially important when baby O2 comes. 

I love it! The pictures don’t really do it justice, but his room looks so much larger and neater. 🙂

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