What Jacob did in Labor and Delivery

i mentioned in the 26 week post that I spent hours in Labor and Delivery last week after being hit in tr stomach by the car door (thanks, random gust of wind). What I didn’t tell you was that Jacob was there, and was such an angel. He asked lots of questions like “‘scuse me, doctor who is touching mommy’s blood (this was an ultrasound tech actually) but can you tell me what this does?” He got down from his stroller during this ultrasound and grabbed his lunch box from underneath, then proceeded to unzip it, pull out a yogurt and spoon, open said yogurt and eat it, and then opened a PB&J and ate that as well. 


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1 Response to What Jacob did in Labor and Delivery

  1. Kim ward says:

    He’s such a good boy!! ❤❤❤❤❤

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