When people talk about babies, they describe them in a very particular way. To be around a baby is a multi-sensory experience. You’ll hear people describe how soft a baby is, how good they smell, the precious sounds they make, and even that baby is “delicious.” 🙂 I suppose when you have a tiny person who doesn’t talk, you rely on your senses to describe what they are like…but also, babies are just delicious. They are soft-skinned and fuzzy-haired, and they make the most ridiculously adorable noises. And that new baby smell…I have been trying to capture what exactly it is. I think it’s the smell of a new person. A person who is untainted by any other smell–just clean, brand-new skin, and perhaps a whiff of milk. They smell warm somehow. 

Holding Jackson is entrancing. The soft roundness of tiny limbs and a body that conforms to yours as you hold him, and the comfortably light but solid weight of him lying against you, and the delicious smell of his fuzzy head just pull you in. Maybe it’s a sensory overload, and maybe it’s just a biological response to a new and helpless human, but time melts away, and you can’t help but love him. 

 I know all too well that I am accustomed to the experience, as his mama who holds him nearly constantly. I think of how wonderful it feels to others to pick him up, when your arms are yearning for that sweet softness, and I try to allow myself to experience that each time I pick him up. Even though I may pick him up hundreds of times a day, I do still get a little thrill each time. 
Because I can. 

I can pick him up and enjoy him. 

Because he’s mine. 



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