Christmas is coming…

Isn’t it always?

I came across a great article about non-toy ideas that I thought would worth sharing. It’s not that I don’t want Jacob to have toys–of course I do–but there IS more to life. The appeal of opening a shiny new toy is obvious: it’s exciting and great! But it never gets as fun as that moment in time. I think toys that are educational or creative will get a lot of use, but beyond that, I just don’t want the “stuff” to overwhelm experiences. Both last year and this one I debated telling anyone who asked that a Disney gift card would be greatly appreciated as a gift in lieu of toys or clothes. Jacob gets a lot of clothes from the secondhand store my grandmother works at (thanks, Mimé!). There are always things he wants desperately, but I feel like our Disney passes (long since expired) led to a lot of fun experiences for him, and good bonding for us. Of course, with the price of passes increasing AGAIN just this month, it might take five years to save for them. That’s why I can never commit to my Disney-gift-card-plan. Anyway, enough from me, here is the article:

Non-Toy Gift Ideas

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