Stitch Fix January 2016

Warning: this post is about fashion, so if you have come here to see pictures of my adorable kids, you should skip this one. 😊

i haven’t really shared about Stitch Fix before, and I should, because it’s really amazing!

How it works: you take a style quiz, upload photos, and send sizes/preferences/types of clothing you are looking for, and you get a personal stylist. The styling fee is $20. You will get a box with five items shipped to your house on a date you choose. It could be anything from clothes to jewelry or purses. You receive styling cards with two outfit suggestions per item in the box. If you buy anything, the $20 styling fee is credited from your order. If you purchase all five items, you get 25% off the whole box. Whatever you decide against goes into the included prepaid shipping bag and onto your doorstep. It’s that easy! I first tried it maybe two years ago, and I’ve done it on and off since. It’s especially helpful when I need specific items, like jeans. I have zero time to shlep myself and my two little ones all over a mall trying on jeans. I’ve gotten three pairs of jeans and they have all been a perfect fit. You can tell the stylist your price preference, but be prepared that it’s not Target prices. That being said, they have some cute stuff and some great prices, and the discount for buying everything is really great. The best part, though, is getting things picked for you and sent right to your door. My last fix was awesome. My preferences were: tops, specifically things I can nurse in, that hide my belly. Here’s what I got. 




 And now, some horrible pictures of me in the clothes!

I love this poncho sweater. A definite keeper. I’ve worn it twice and gotten a lot of compliments.   

This top looked so cute until I put it on. I think the way the neckline falls on me and the pattern combined make me look…broad. 

I had pinned this top on Pinterest, but it was just not that flattering on. 😦

This is a winner, and I kept it:  

Also a keeper!

So that’s the fun of stitch fix! If you want to try it, please use my link so I can get a store credit! 😊😊😊

Try Stitch Fix!

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