Jackson is 7 months old!

IMG_5624 editIMG_5678 edit

Happy 7 months of life to our sweetieheart Jackson.IMG_5734 edit

He is such a blessing.IMG_5801 editIMG_5808 editIMG_5815 edit

This curious kitty is getting into everything! He is like a very cuddly wrecking crew. I guess I forgot how much trouble one curious baby can get into! He really likes to pull my hair (out of my head – ouch!) and grab my bottom lip and pull it suddenly and with surprising strength toward him. He will do the same with a nose or cheek if he can get a grip. One minute his soft little hand is stroking my face, and the next, it’s trying to rip my skin off. He shrieks with delight when he can make contact with something, and lets out this low laugh that is like gurgling water. It’s adorable.IMG_5824 editIMG_5625 editIMG_5650 edit

This sweet, friendly guy is almost all smiles, all the time. Except if he loses sight of me. He is all about mama right now! He just wants to be held by me most of the time, and loses his patience with anyone else or any other situation. This makes car rides really difficult, and that’s our biggest problem right now. It’s so scary to go anywhere, because I never know if he’s going to be fine, or cry until he starts to choke. At night, I am basically guaranteed that he will cry and I will be pulling over a lot. I take him out of his seat, console him, sometimes I sit in the front with him and nurse him, and when he’s calm we start over. And by start over I mean that he starts crying again…IMG_5674 edit

If someone is holding him, and he wants me, he reaches out to me. He always tracks me with his eyes, and makes sure he knows where I am. It’s pretty cute.IMG_5691 editIMG_5714 edit

Everything still  goes in his mouth: fingers, toys, clothes, anything he can reach. That said, we have tried a couple of vegetables and he was not a fan. Steamed carrot made him quiver with distaste, and avocado was not to his liking, either. He doesn’t seem to be in a big hurry to eat, so I am not in a big rush to feed him solid foods. If he shows interest in something, we might try it. He’s certainly well-fed and happy. 🙂IMG_5736 edit

Just those same two teeth yet, and while I wonder often if he is “toofin'” as Jacob says, I don’t see any evidence of more teeth. He is army-style crawling all over the house, and can pull himself up to standing. He sits up alright, but he is really not interested in doing that. He wants to stand, and, I think, to walk. Not yet!!! Stay a baby!IMG_5745 edit

He’s a big, solid boy. He knows what he wants, and it is hard to get him to do something he doesn’t want to do. He will resist, and he is strong!IMG_5746 editIMG_5747 editIMG_5759 edit

Curious kitty is eating the photo drop cloth (above).IMG_5774 editIMG_5797 editIMG_5801 edit

He loves his brother. Jacob can make him smile like no one else can. Even his mama preference has nothing on the joy that Jacob brings. With me, I think he’s just making sure food and comfort are accessible, but with Jacob, he looks for fun. He wants to do what Jacob and Josh do, and I can tell he’s ready to play. IMG_5805 editIMG_5807 editIMG_5808 editIMG_5814 editIMG_5815 edit

Oh to be 7 months old with a whole world of curiosities to explore! IMG_5817 editIMG_5824 editIMG_5834 editIMG_5840 editIMG_5841 editIMG_5842 editIMG_5850 editIMG_5851 editIMG_5854 editIMG_5857 editIMG_5858 editIMG_5865 editIMG_5879 editIMG_5880 editIMG_5883 editIMG_5893 editIMG_5894 editIMG_5898 editIMG_5901 editIMG_5911 edit

I can tell you that, for me, this is going way too fast. But let me assure you that I am enjoying it. I get frustrated, for sure, when I have a day in which I just can’t put him down, and my back and neck ache from trying to do things while holding or wearing him, but I still love it so much. By “it” I mean being Jackson’s mama. He is just amazing. He is soft and cuddly and those cheeks! I could lose myself for days in that sweet face and breathy voice.

He says consonant sounds, and often it really sounds as though he is saying “oh mama!” More likely he is saying “oh-mm-mm-mm-mm” but it makes me smile anyway. He also likes to babble “ba-ba-ba-ba” and the breathiness of his voice is just the cutest. Jacob asks me sometimes, and I think this is such a sweet and smart question, what I think Jackson’s voice will sound like. I don’t know, of course, but I can wait. I am enjoying the baby talk.

He also has this quavery quality to his voice sometimes: he laughs with a quavery little sound, and sometimes does it when he is upset as well. I wish I could describe it better, but it’s really cute.IMG_5912 editIMG_5917 editIMG_5925 editIMG_5926 edit

Our days seem to fly by in a flurry of cries, nap attempts, and obligations, so I am glad when it’s nighttime and I can snuggle my sweet boy. His favorite way to sleep is with one leg thrown over me. Sometimes he holds my face or my hand, as if to try and keep me from sneaking away from him to fold laundry. He has his priorities straight, and I should, too. 🙂

Happy 7 months (on January 30) to my littlest boy. I love you so.IMG_5927 editIMG_5929 editIMG_5934 editIMG_5951 editIMG_5964 editIMG_5973 edit

Some days I just have to pinch myself. It’s too good to be true! Look at this sweet little faces, looking to me for guidance and comfort. Can this be real life?IMG_5982 edit

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4 Responses to Jackson is 7 months old!

  1. Beautiful photos! I love the backdrop!

  2. Shar says:

    Thank you Korey for all the information on this sweet baby Jackson. He is so cute and has the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. I love your blog to keep us updated for the family that is to far away to see him.

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