Jackson is 10 months old

Mr. Baby is 10 months old! (as of 4/30/16).

This dimpled sweetie is just an absolute joy. Now that he feels better after the mouth injury, he has been so mellow and sweet…as long as mama is near, that is! He still doesn’t like to have me out of his sight.IMG_7150 editIMG_7147 edit

He has become very talkative! His baby babbles are the cutest and sweetest sounds, and he even babbles away at  me when he’s mad. He hates having his diaper changed, and when I do, he yells at me in baby language: “Ba ba GAA moo gee gee bay bay mama BAAA ga!” It’s so cute and funny that I can’t help but laugh, even though I can tell he’s very mad.IMG_7145 edit

He is still reaching for people that he wants to be transferred to, and calling out for “mama” when he’s upset, but now he also seems to know his own name and also refer to himself as “baby.” He will hold his arms up to me and proclaim “mama! bay-bay-bay-bay!” when he wants to be picked up.IMG_7154 editIMG_7152 edit

He is finally enjoying solid foods. The only caveat is that i cannot put anything into his mouth; he has to control the situation. This means purees are out, and only finger foods can be served. Which was my plan anyway, so that doesn’t bother me… He loves avocado, chicken, strawberries and blueberries, and generally anything that we are eating. He gets SO MAD if I don’t feed him some of my food, no matter what it is. So sometimes he is mad. 🙂IMG_7149 editIMG_7224 editIMG_7201 edit

He is a speed crawler and pulls himself up and cruises all over the place. He trusts himself to do some solo standing, but not too much. He would rather crawl quickly than walk for now, and I am very content with that. He will push the stroller from the bottom and walk behind it in a circle and laugh proudly and smile at me to make sure I can see how amazing he is.IMG_7191 editIMG_7189 edit

This little stance on his knees I like to call the “Prairie Dog.” It is his favorite right now and so cute. He sits up like this and then pops up and down on his knees in a very darling way. He has started to wave, and he gets really excited when he can do that as well.IMG_7183 editIMG_7188 editIMG_7182 editIMG_7175 edit

He is curious about everything and with his increased mobility he is into everything. He gravitates toward the things I want him to have the least, of course, in the grand tradition of babies.IMG_7163 editIMG_7158 edit

He has four teeth emerging at the top; one is out now and another is close…and he hasn’t had a moment of apparent distress from this process, which is great.IMG_7156 edit

He is mischievous and fun, cheerful and inquisitive, and oh-so-snuggly!IMG_7274 editIMG_7275 edit 2IMG_7238 editIMG_7226 editIMG_7221 edit

Look at those thighs!IMG_7214 editIMG_7213 edit

Beeeeeffffcake! Hehe.IMG_7207 edit

Oh how I love this sweet and magical creature. He is a ray of sunshine and a source of constant delight (near-constant? He could sleep more…haha). I savor my moments with him, which are many, but all are precious. He brings such delight into our lives every day. I love you, Jackson-baby.IMG_7195 edit

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1 Response to Jackson is 10 months old

  1. Kim Ward says:

    After Mr. JACOB,
    How could I be so head over heels in love like that ever again?? But, I am!! Such a Sweet, sweet baby!! I could stare at his beautiful face for hours!! He is such a complete delight. He has no fear and quietly goes about doing whatever you don’t really want him to do, like climbing stairs, playing with anything but the toys. I call him “second child wild” But oh the joy he has brought to our family!! We love you Sweetie Heart Jackson!!

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