Poor Jackson

My poor baby smashed his hand yesterday. It was horrible. The tip of his little baby pinky came off. There was a lot of blood, but I was more upset than he was. He was his sweet, happy self through the entire ordeal. 

After quite a lot of waiting (for an emergency) X-rays were taken (no broken bones) and his entire hand was bandaged up. We emerged from the medical building to a truck with a post-it note on the windshield saying sorry for backing into it. So that also happened. 


I am very grateful that Jackson is okay and that the person who hit the truck left a note. That is a display of integrity. 

But come on. Cut me a break. 

My sweet little baby has this yucky injury and I feel so bad for him! As you can see, he is not hindered by it at all, other than getting guacamole all over his bandage. 

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