Thanks to the generosity of a friend, we were able to go to Disneyland: me and the boys and my mom and dad. It was such a wonderful day. Jacob was so delighted to be there that he could have been a commercial for the park. He smiled widely, danced, and jumped up and down. We crisscrossed both parks to do as much as possible, getting fastpasses and checking wait times. Jackson was a cheerful little doll, and actually fell asleep while riding on the Haunted Mansion. We stayed for the new parade and fireworks and it was a pretty magical day. 

My buddy went on Star Tours for the first time:

He loved it! Then he went on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad for the first time, but he did not like that. Too scary. 

Jacob on Bop’s shoulders to watch the Jesi Training Academy. We were interrupted twice by visiting Kardashian family people. What a mess!

Take the time to read this cute aign:
Watching the Paint the Night parade:

Jacob and Bop on Autopia. Bop said Jacob was a great driver!Baby Buddy asleep on my arm after falling asleep during Haunted Mansion. Jackson danced away to the tunes from the DJ car in CarsLand. 
Lucky Jacob got to go on Radiator Springs Racers twice because we did a parent switch. He looked really scared the whole timeline, but he loved it and was thrilled to ride it again. 

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