Jackson’s Wild One Party

I am just so happy with how this party turned out! When thinking about themes for Jackson’s big “1,” I was thinking about the day before he was born that Jacob and I went on a special errand to buy a book for Jackson. That book was Where the Wild Things Are. He also has “I’ll eat you up I love you so” framed in his room. I thought a “wild” theme would be very appropriate for this strong-willed, fearless baby. The ideas just kept coming…



Pictures from the end of the night:


See my pillow in the foreground?IMG_8420

Jackson loved his cake! I made it of vanilla with sprinkles (like funfetti) with vanilla and chocolate buttercream. IMG_8380IMG_8379IMG_8373IMG_8364IMG_8361IMG_8360

Jackson’s Wild crown is from etsy. IMG_8354

I made the high chair banner by drawing on a store-bought pennant banner.IMG_8342


Alisha also made this darling custom “Wild One” shirt:IMG_8271IMG_8270

These were taken before the party started:IMG_8255IMG_8254IMG_8253IMG_8251

Once it got dark, the kids enjoyed sparklers. They were a big hit!img_1526

We decorated crowns and monster masks. img_1568img_1567img_1563

The beautiful paper leaves were made by Alisha, and she is so wonderful for making them!img_1552img_1572img_1562img_1557img_1571img_1553img_1548img_1543img_1547img_1549img_1546img_1545img_1544img_1524img_1523img_1522img_1521img_1519img_1520

The cupcakes (before gold crowns and wild character picks were added) were decorated with edible monsters and eyeballs).img_1513img_1518img_1517img_1515img_1514

The big, crazy leaves in the back were hand-cut by me.img_1512img_1511

The aftermath!img_1497img_1510img_1498img_1499img_1505

I made the sign below with printed pictures, mod lodge, and a sharpie, then glued on little pennants.img_1491img_1490img_1489

I added the pictures onto canvas with ModPodge.img_1488

The pennant below is a fabric set from Hobby Lobby that I strung together. The gold crowns are toilet paper rolls!img_1487

My mom put the cute characters on the mirror in the bathroom:img_1485

I made this wreath with pennants, baker’s twine, a cardboard letter, grapevine wreath, and burlap ribbon.img_1483img_1484

The green canopy is constructed of plastic tablecloths. The vines are made of paper leaves stapled to twine.img_1482

The thick vines are butcher paper.img_1481img_1480img_1476img_1475

You may recognize this chalkboard from Jacob’s First and Last Day of preschool posts:


I made this sign quickly on the morning of the party so that people knew what to do at the craft station. It’s a $1 frame from Michaels. IMG_8241

A close-up of some paper leaves.IMG_8231IMG_8232

The crayon holder is a green bucket from the dollar section at Target with google eyes glued on.IMG_8244IMG_8242IMG_8243

I meant to play the movie, but we were so enjoying Jackson’s slideshow that I never did.IMG_8239

I ordered this book poster on Amazon.IMG_8229

The darling cookies were made by “Ms. Shortbread” in Irvine.IMG_8227IMG_8220IMG_8218


What a fun day!!!

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2 Responses to Jackson’s Wild One Party

  1. LaurieR says:

    Absolutely adorable!! Thanks for adding how you created some of the props!

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