OC Fair

Poor Jacob was terrified of this ride:

I think the problem was that he was alone. It wasn’t a scary ride, but oh his face!

This is a cowboy churro. Why? I do not know. 

This is a beautiful quilt/wall hanging. 

The crew: Jacob, cousin Kaden and cousin Charlotte. 

Oh yeah, Jackson was there. 😉

Having fun with cousin Lexie:

He held her hand, helped her on the fun house, and referred to her as his sister. At some point I will clarify that for him. 😝

Bop walks Lexie across the rope bridge! 

Sir, aren’t you a little old for the fun house?grammie gets in on the fun house mirror!

Are they not the cutest?!this time, Kaden is the escort on the fun house. 

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