E & B: a sparkling evening

I am so excited to share pictures of the beautiful engagement party for Brittany and Elliott. First of all, I am really excited for their wedding (!!!) because I adore them both and they are very wonderful together. Also, they mean so very much to me, and they made me cry like a baby while they were in town for this party. Here’s the story: Brittany, beautiful lady who is one of the sisters I claimed for myself, was in my wedding a million years ago, and is now living in Seattle with her beau and on her way to becoming a police officer. Elliott is one of the most easygoing and kind people I have ever met. He is also hysterically funny and a great dancer. But I regress. They visited from Seattle for this engagement party, and we had lunch together. At lunch, they asked me if I would…gulp…marry them. Of course I cried and sat speechless for a long time (not the best quality in a wedding officiant!) because that is quite possibly the biggest honor of my life. 

So back to the party. Brittany’s (and my!) sister Ashley came up with the theme idea of silver, gold, and rose gold, because Brittany is sporting a beautiful antique-style rose gold engagement ring. And we were off…

Making confetti:

I love these Heidi Swapp marquee letters. I used washi tape on the outside edges and took the faceplates off and glittered them. 

The cupcakes have “rose gold” (strawberry) buttercream and vanilla buttercream with gold and silver sprinkles. I found a copper pearl dust also which made a rose gold-like effect. 

Ashley ordered all of these cute balloons on etsy. 

The flower vases are mason jars and some other glass jars which I taped, mod podged, and glittered, then sealed with more mod podge, as well as wine bottles spray painted with metallic paint. The wine bottles were Ashley’s idea and they turned out so beautifully. I also glittered votive holders. 

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