I loved taking the kids to the polling place with me. It was a great way to foster a conversation about how our democracy works. Jacob and I went through the ballot this morning and (with one exception) read each proposition. I had him mark my sample ballot with the corresponding “yes” or “no.” He was eager to see a voting booth and press the buttons! He proudly told everyone he saw today that “he voted.”

When we began talking about the election, he said the following: (a close paraphrase)

Mama, you should vote for me for mayor. I’ll do a good job. 

Oh yeah? What laws will you make?

I’ll change the speed you can go on streets. Like, you can’t go so fast that you scare people who are walking, but you also can’t go too slow. You have to drive slow enough that if you see a homeless person you can pick him up. Also, I will build lots of houses and the sign will say ‘if you are homeless, this house costs zero dollars, but if you have a house, it costs two hundred dollars!”

The whole process was very educational. Maybe not for Jackson; he just wanted to climb a voting booth. I explained to Jacob how voting is an important right and privilege, and that women like me have only been able to vote in this country for less than 100 years, so I take it very seriously. And a flashback to four years ago:

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