Glamis for St. Patrick’s Day

We traveled again to Glamis, for what was our last time this season, and it was a perfect way to end the season.

We had Grammie and OT and Mimi and Bop with us, as well as friends Pete, Layton, and Brandon. Sadly, Brandon broke his collarbone on his very first ride. 😦

It was quite windy and cold, so we stayed bundled up and sandy, but it was so special for the kids (and josh and myself) to have all the grandparents there to share in the fun.

Jacob continued riding his quad with a mixture of reverence and bravery that make him seem like such a grown up boy. He respects the quad, and is careful of it, and meticulous about listening to josh’s instructions, and he follows closely in Josh’s tracks without a moment of hesitation no matter where josh leads him. If you know Jacob, you know that he is a careful and cautious boy, so his comfort on the quad is amazing to me.

Jackie, as usual, was a rough-and-tumble little ball of dirt and sand all weekend. He played until he was completely worn out, then fell right asleep. He enjoyed driving his race car, even though sand drifts were covering much of the campground roads.

Jacob earned favorite grandchild status on Friday night when he climbed into OT’s lap right after dinner and fell asleep. Naturally, OT had to go to bed…

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