Before you spend money on enlargements or framing…

Here’s a nice life made easier idea…

I always agonize over what artwork I want on my walls, where it should go, etc. I was on the verge of a big purchase for me: a canvas wrap photo print for our fireplace. I knew I wanted a wedding photo, and I had a discount from Gilt Groupe. Yay! But I wasn’t sure what I wanted. Classic black and white? Color photo? Dark and dramatic? Bright and colorful? So I made some mockups. They aren’t cute, and I used a photo of the fireplace from during construction (otherwise I’d have to take everything off the mantle, and well, this was easier) and the placed small versions of my photos on top to see how I liked the color and composition. Now all I need to do is order and enjoy!

I’m currently between two of them. This process was great because I was able to tell right away that I didn’t like the look of black and white on the brick, the first one seemed too dark, and the perspective on the second-to-last one, which I had thought would look really cool, was just weird.
Contact me if you try this and need help getting your computer to cooperate!
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