How to get through: Surrender

Surrender: How to experience peace

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When bad things happen, you have three choices. You can let it:

  • Destroy you
  • Define you
  • Develop you

Steps of Surrender

1. Accept what cannot be changed.

Yes, it’s part of the Serenity Prayer for a reason.

What do you  need to accept as over in your life? Are you stuck in denial?

 2. Remember, it’s not the end of the story.

Are you going to let grief define you?

3. Take care of yourself

The act of resuming the care of your physical body is symbolic of your decision to go on living. Sure, you’re in the depths of despair, but the day that you decide to eat, wash your clothes and body, and go for a walk is the day that you know you will survive–and if you’re going to survive you’ll need nourishment and hygiene.

4. Refocus on God through worship

The temptation is to run from God, thinking He is responsible, but it’s not a long-term solution. Seek a quiet place where you can think.

5. Do something productive

When you are ready to surrender, you realize that life does go on, even in the midst of pain, and you are able to do something productive. It will make you feel a semblance of normalcy — you’ll be human again. Return to routine.

You don’t have to stop mourning to stop moving

Grief doesn’t paralyze; fear does.

6. Keep on loving, even in your pain

Redirect your pain. Focus on loving those around you. Especially in times of loss, you are surrounded by loved ones who are grieving along with you. Refocus your energy on helping them feel loved, and it will lessen the sting of your own pain.

Love = pain

Pain deepens your love

Look at what you have left, not what you lost

love until it hurts

Watch this sermon here.

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