My sensitive child 

Jacob is so smart and mature that sometimes I think I forget how old he is. He is so communicative, and we are able to talk and share…and then he does something totally out of character (but age-appropriate) and I have to remind myself that he is three. He is very perceptive of the moods of those around him, and has empathy–something so rare in a small child that his Bible study teachers commented on it two years ago. When I was crying about my grandma’s passing he offered to cheer me up with treasure, and proceeded to bring me his “treasure box” an old cigar box holding a whistle, flat penny, shiny marbles, and other things he has found and collected. I try to be respectful of his temperament–after all, who could deny that he probably inherited that empathy from me? It used to be so overwhelming for me to feel things so intensely. Only with time have I learned to be more selective in my empathizing. If I get too carried away, I won’t be able to function. Jacob is frustrating; he’s three years old and pushing boundaries is his developmental “job” right now. I am not perfect. I have lost my temper and raised my voice and I’ve seen that sunny face just crumble into tears. Of course, he is resilient, and I know he will move on, but I know each episode leaves a mark. Lately, he’s been getting mad at himself. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. Last week, probably out of frustration over my being gone and then coming home so sick and being bedridden for days, he got too hyped up and head butted me in the mouth while we were playing. I bled, and I was mad, and I asked him as calmly as I could WHY he did it. He said that he didn’t mean to, but then started to cry and get angry. I asked him why he was so upset and he said he was just “not happy with himself.” I don’t want to cause this young boy to be unhappy with himself! He’s very honest, and so I know that when I tell him that he is wonderful and smart he agrees with me in a sweet and unselfish way. I feel like all I can do at this point is be with him, give him my full attention, and show him how much he is loved. I don’t know what else to do. 

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5 Responses to My sensitive child 

  1. misstashx says:

    You are doing a great job, keep up the good work mum! My daughter is quite advanced for her age too often she is easier to communicate with than my 6 year old. At times I also need to remind myself that she is only three and that she is only acting her age when she pushes boundaries. Every afternoon she is asked to play in her room quiey for a little while to give us both a little space and cool down time, I find it helps keeps tantrums to a minimum 🙂

    • joshandkorey says:

      Thank you. I like the quiet time idea…I could use some of that. Does she typically seem ok with it? How long will she play in there?

      • misstashx says:

        Sorry for the late reply! She can sometimes play nicely for up to an hour as she doesn’t have naps any more so I think she uses that time to reenergize.. I will check on her regularly and take her snacks if she is hungry other wise I get the dishes done or sit down to enjoy something to eat in peace or have a shower.

      • joshandkorey says:

        That’s great. Jacob is still napping, but it’s getting very difficult these days. I find myself really needing some alone time, so I have extra motivation for wanting him to nap.

  2. Kim ward says:

    He is the sweetest little guy with a great big heart!!

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