34 weeks

Happy Mother’s Day! It seemed an appropriate time to post about week 34. That, and I was wearing something other than loungewear. šŸ™‚

I was feeling so huge before the ankle injury, and now I just…don’t. I guess the belly that was such a hindrance is just another detail at the moment. It is really hard to get out of bed when I’m like a turtle on its back and have only one leg to assist me. The immobility has caused baby’s movement patterns to feel really different. You get accustomed to moving around all day and then feeling kicks as soon as you sit down. Right now his movements are random and unpredictable. He favors my right side and so my belly is usually uneven (higher on the right) and he is fond of sticking a hand or foot out of the right side of my abdomen. The funny thing is that Jacob did the same thing!! He was always hanging out on the right and I remember pushing on his foot as if protruded from my side. It’s a very unusual place to feel a baby, but I guess with his placenta in the front, I’m more likely to feel things on my sides? Who knows. I didn’t need to worry too much about what I would wear for the warm weather of my final weeks as, like I said, I’ve mainly worn loungewear. I do still hope to start moving around more in the near future! With about 6 weeks to go, it’s starting to feel dangerously close for this ridiculously unprepared mama. I’m hoping that sometime soon I’ll be able to work on his room, wash his clothes (well they are still Jacob’s clothes I suppose!) and prepare for the journey ahead. It’s so very hard to lie still with all of this undone!

My Mother’s Day was lovely. Josh and Jacob had sweet cards for me, and Jacob gave me some nail polish which he picked himself, and apparently carried all over the store. They loaded me in the truck and we ventured to Irvine Park where I was wheeled into the shade to watch Jacob play. After his nap, we watched some family movies. It was surprisingly emotional to see my baby Jacob! I can’t believe I’ll have another sweet baby in the house soon who (I hope) will turn into a kindhearted soul like Jacob. I am blessed beyond measure with that boy. 

I hope you all had a wonderful day!  


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