Ankle update: prayers answered!!

Though I was given no hope for this possibility (I was told it was a 1% chance), I kept praying that I could be walking before baby O2 comes…and today’s surgery gave me the improbable answer that I should be! Rather than a screw through both bones, i “just” got a steel plate on each side with a total of 6 screws. They will have me putting weight on it in 4 weeks (baby is due in 6)!! No second surgery, no 12-14 more weeks of using a walker. Such a profound miracle!! I am feeling so blessed. Thank you all for praying!!

I am in a fair amount of pain now, but I am just so happy and relieved that I don’t care! The surgeon said that the break was the painful part, and while the surgery will cause some pain, the hardest part is over. I really hope that’s true! 

Here’s the plan: in two weeks I have a post-op checkup and have the sutures removed. I was prepared to get a hard cast on that day, but instead, I’ll have a boot. I will not be able to put weight on the foot for two more weeks, but I am left to my own discretion as to how often to wear the boot. He said the sooner I get into a shoe and move my ankle the better. 

Now I’ll pray that baby O2 is late likenjaxob, just to give me time to heal.

Yay!! My mother in law got the news over text and went in her backyard immediately to scream “thank you, Lord!” At the top of her lungs. ❤️😃

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