Jackson is 11 months old

Well..it’s amazing that I am getting this post out before June 30 when Jackson will be one year old. I have been busy and behind, and Jackson himself is not fond of my computer time. Without further ado, pictures of my beautiful baby boy:

IMG_7904 editIMG_7923_2 edit

Boy was it hard to take these. He is a constant motion machine; climbing, crawling, standing, dancing. I had to put him in the Bumbo seat just to keep him still. IMG_7925 edit

What a happy creature he is! (As long as I am nearby). I have to admit, after Jacob I thought there was no way any baby could be higher needs. I was wrong. Jackson tried me by being very easy in the early months and then progressively getting more hands-on as time went by. It’s weird. However, these days are few comparatively, and I try to appreciate the snuggles rather than bemoan my inability to fold laundry. The laundry will be there tomorrow (it always is!)IMG_7928_2 editIMG_7933_2 editIMG_7934 edit

He is quite the charmer, locking eyes with someone and then flashing that big smile. He waves and says “buh-buh!” when people leave. He likes to yell “Bop! Bop!” to get my dad’s attention, or when he “talks” on the phone. He will pick up anything remotely phone-shaped and hold it to his ear to say “Bop!”IMG_7938 editIMG_7959_2 edit

I love when he moves his little mouth without making any sound, as though he is talking quietly to himself. He babbles and squeals, and is generally a pretty noisy guy. He is even louder in his protests when something goes a way that he does not like–I have been trying to stop this habit.IMG_7963_2 edit

He is always climbing, and has no fear. He will climb up the couch, onto Jacob’s bicycle, up the steps at a playground, anywhere and anything. I usually catch him, but I can’t always, and he has had some scrapes and bruises. The latest drama with his poor little finger was a tough one for me, but it appears to be healing, and hopefully it won’t look too bad. IMG_7994 editIMG_8024 editIMG_8025 edit

He was a reluctant eater at first, but now he is incredible. He will eat anything. He doesn’t like to sit in the high chair; he prefers to sit on my lap and eat what I am eating off of my fork. He has eaten sautéed spinach, beans, rice, pasta, chicken, meatballs, salad, bell pepper, squash, enchilada…the list goes on. He loves guacamole, and he eats that often. He will dig in enthusiastically, and even likes to take control of a fork loaded with his piece of fruit or whatever and feed it to himself. he really likes weirdly hard things, like crusty bread or tortilla chips. I love watching him discover what his little teeth are for as he pushes food to the front of his mouth and crunches it determinedly. When I withhold a food from him (like something spicy or unhealthy) he will squawk loudly and angrily in protest. IMG_8029 editIMG_8046 editIMG_8149 editIMG_8151 edit

It’s amazing how many places we go at which people tell me that he is the most well-behaved and happiest baby they have ever seen. That’s because I’m not trying to do the dishes! 😉IMG_8155 edit

He continues to love his brother’s company, and laughs the loudest around Jacob. Their new fun of Jacob pushing Jackson in the Cozy Coupe is so heart warming and wonderful to watch. They both really love to do it, and will not tire of it!IMG_8163 editIMG_8168 editIMG_8182 editIMG_8186 edit

I can’t believe he will soon be a year old. It feels like only yesterday that I was waiting and waiting for him to be born. It was an eventful pregnancy and an eventful birth, followed by a tragically eventful year. He has been such a blessing through it all. I am so happy he is here and safe (if I can keep him safe!) and I can’t wait to watch him grow up.IMG_8192 edit

But don’t be in a hurry, okay?IMG_8200 editIMG_7899_2IMG_8056IMG_8057IMG_8058

This sweet love with his excitement, many expressions, and his funny “monkey dance” is certainly one-of-a-kind and special. We are so happy he joined our family. IMG_8059IMG_8067IMG_8070IMG_8076


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