Riley Day

We celebrated Riley’s life with the things he loved best: family, friends, chipotle, Chevelles, and Chuck E Cheese (okay, he didn’t love chuck E Cheese BEST, at least not as an adult). It was a hard day, but we were able to find happy memories to share. Remembering the good times with my brother, and trying to forget the rest. 

When we got to Chuck E Cheese, there was a car show in the parking lot. 

Riley always wanted a Chevelle SS. 
It is hard, even to celebrate things he loved, because he isn’t there. In some ways, i think everything is going to feel just…bad. Not to celebrate in some way would feel bad, to celebrate too much would feel bad…it’s all…bad. It was a subdued atmosphere all day. Sometimes uncomfortable, as we all knew why we were together. In the end, I felt that it was a fitting way to remember my brother on his birthday. The day’s events were worthwhile for the happy memories they brought up. 

Below, my cousins Dylan and Kaden are enjoying Skee-ball. 

Jacob and Dadoo v. Bop as Dillon looks on. 

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